lørdag 20. august 2016

Intervju med Tone Rose Bratland

Tone Rose Bratland er en talentfull musiker som allerede har gitt ut flere EP`er. I intervjuet under snakker hun om gode gjerninger. 

Sjekk ut musikken hennes her: Soundcloud
Tone Rose Bratland was born and raised in Vinje, Telemark where the traditional Norwegian folk music is still very much alive. Growing up she was surrounded by talented and ambitious musicians which gave nourishment and inspiration for her own dreams, creativity and talent to develop. Like her sister, Ingebjørg Bratland, she started her career early with ”kveding” (traditional folk singing) and the flute. As early as at the age of twelve she won the title as Norway’s best "seljefløyte" player player (a flute made out of willow) Though grateful for everything she had received from the Norwegian folk music, Tone Rose now decided to change direction and develop her own style, moving more towards the pop music genre. To this day she has stayed with pop, though the very distinct style of her music reveals where she has her roots. The hint of folk music in her pop songs gives her sound a very distinct and different twist. Through her music, she gets to be and express herself as the artist she always knew she was. She has extraordinary creativity and talent for writing and performing songs, she learns incredibly fast and can play different instruments. Her lyrics are personal and heartfelt. Somehow they reflect a troubled youth and personal battles concerning faith, distrust, rebellion and abuse. That is why Tone Rose´s songs are often used in connection to events with mental health and addiction as subjects.

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