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Three stories of random acts of kindness

Kindness stories 

Unexpected Help

Submitted by susan pritchett from jacksonville, florida
My husband and I own a small business. We were on the way home after working and found ourselves stranded with a small leak in our cars radiator. We suddenly saw a truck stop and a young man offered his help. Without hesitation he hopped back in his truck and went to buy several gallons of water. He returned quickly and said simply "you're welcome... it's good karma to help" The next day was Mothers Day and I said an unspoken thank you to an unknown Mother for raising a wonderful son.

I received kindness at Jackson Square and passed it on

Submitted by B Lynn from Hamilton, Ontario.
Today, I was in Nations food market in Jackson Square and put together a mix of food from the buffet. I didn't realize my VISA card wouldn't work, they only take cash or debit. While sorting out this confusing situation at the cashier, the man behind me handed the cashier twenty dollars to pay for me. I was shocked, I intended to find a cash machine and come back but he insisted. I tried to give him my Tim Hortons gift card that had about $20 left on it, but he wouldn't take it.
I was overcome with emotion and started to cry. I said thank you and God Bless you and left, sobbing. I found a cash machine and took out cash and went back to find him, but he was gone.
All I know is he was buying frozen tiger shrimp and some sort of soup bones.
I had to pay this forward so I found a homeless man, not hard in the downtown area, and told him someone paid for my lunch so this (a $20 bill) was for him, and he said thank you and God Bless you. Then I really broke up.
I've given in small ways before but this face to face to face interaction was the most moving heart expanding experiences I've ever had.

Smiling walking lady

Submitted by Stacy Keast from Lincolnshire, UK 
Every morning when I drive to work, I see an older women " possibly late 60s -70s" walk up the hill with a massive smile. She makes me smile everyday. So, today I decided to buy her a small gift and write a little card out "so she could fit it in her pocket whilst on her walk".
I stopped the car this morning and got out to give her the gift and card. I explained that for months she made me smile every morning and I wanted to make her smile for once. I learnt the lovely walking lady walked everyday due to her diabetes.... Oh bless her! She gave me a lovely hug and thank you. Itafe me feel so good, I cried with happiness all the way to work. 

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